Structural Glass

Structural Glass Skylight

Highly customized, multibay glass skylights

Our structural skylights are the ultimate custom skylight.  While utilizing multiple bays of glass, we are able to design and manufacture skylights that are more uniquely shaped as well as larger in scale.

Features & Specs

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Anodized Aluminum Outer Frame; Exclusive Ball & Socket Continuous Hinge System

  • TIG welded corners ensure strength and prevention of water leakage
  • Available in a beautiful bronze or clear anodized finish
  • Maintenance-free
  • Anodized aluminum finish to prevent corrosion and provides durability and stability of color: no fading, peeling or cracking

PVC Vinyl Frames

  • Fusion welded corners for strength and prevention of water leakage
  • Energy-efficient
  • No condensation or sweating
  • Attractive white interior finish
  • Ultraviolet stabilized; made to last
  • Maintenance-free and scratch-free, no need to repaint

Don’t rely on homemade flashing that might leak and look unfinished. Instead, install our pre-fabricated Flashing Kits. There is no bending or cutting involved and all our Flashing Kits are designed for an easy leak-proof installation. Made of dark brown steel, our Flashing Kits will give your skylight project a crisp, professional finish every time that will last for years.

  • 25ga Dark Brown painted Steel
  • Pre-fabricated top and bottom Aprons
  • Step Flashings for the sides
  • Each Step Flashing interwoven with a layer of roofing to prevent water infiltration
  • Designed for Shingle, Shake or Composition roofing material
  • Minimum 3:12 pitch
  • Contact us for custom-sized flashing kits 

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