Operable Acrylic Dome

Operable Acrylic Dome Skylight

Operable double domed acrylic skylight

Let fresh air in and moist, stale air out of your home with Tam operable skylight. Ventilation improves the quality of the air in your home. We recommend installing our operable skylights whenever possible. Ideal for low slope or flat roofs on any residential or commercial building that requires ventilation.

Features & Specs

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Anodized Aluminum Outer Frame -Exclusive ball & socket continuous hinge system

  • Stainless steel hinge system
  • TIG-welded corners ensure strength and prevent water leakage
  • Available in a beautiful bronze or clear anodized finish
  • Maintenance-free
  • Anodized aluminum finish to prevent corrosion and provides durability and stability of color: no fading, peeling or cracking

PVC Vinyl Frames

  • Fusion-welded corners ensure strength and prevention of water leakage
  • Energy-efficient
  • No condensation or sweating
  • Weep holes on all four sides of the frame
  • Condensation gutter on all four sides to collect any moisture
  • Attractive white interior finish
  • Ultraviolet (UV) stabilized; made to last
  • Maintenance-free and scratch-free, no need to repaint

    Insulated Acrylic Domes

    • Made of highest grade UV-stabilized cell cast acrylic, will not yellow or fade in sunlight
    • Our domes have the highest grade of transparency, no wavy marks or blurred vision
    • An Acrylic dome is six times stronger than glass, higher impact strength
    • Bronze tint option available to reduce heat gain and glare
    • Frosted white option available to soften incoming light and reduce fading
    • Ideal for low slope or flat roofs

      Manual or Electric Opening

      • Manual chain opening mechanism is standard
      • Manual extension poles available for out of reach areas
      • An electric motor is available with rain sensor and remote control
      • All openers have a white or dark brown finish to the outer casing

      Don’t rely on homemade flashing that might leak and look unfinished. Instead, install our pre-fabricated Flashing Kits. There is no bending or cutting involved and all our Flashing Kits are designed for an easy leak-proof installation. Made of dark brown steel, our Flashing Kits will give your skylight project a crisp, professional finish every time that will last for years.

      • 25ga Dark Brown painted Steel
      • Pre-fabricated top and bottom Aprons
      • Step Flashings for the sides
      • Each Step Flashing interwoven with a layer of roofing to prevent water infiltration
      • Designed for Shingle, Shake or Composition roofing material
      • Minimum 3:12 pitch
      • Contact us for custom-sized flashing kits 

      Flashing Kit Sizing  Flashing Kit Details

      Tam Skylights Operable units are easily installed


      Truth Skylight Operator Instruction & Adjustment Guide

      Congratulations on your purchase of a TAM Operable Skylight. Please follow the below instructions for proper installation:

      1. Install the skylight onto the curb according to the instructions located in the hardware packet.
      2. After installation of the skylight, make sure the skylight is seated properly on to the lower frame of the unit. See Fig.1
      3. Make sure the chain exit is against the bottom of the sash bracket, Fig.1. Hold the skylight operator on wall with chain exit centered on the sash bracket. Mark location of the operator on curb. Now mount the operator on to the wall, 1/16" lower from where you marked it. Use #10 x 1-3/4" screws provided to mount the unit.
      4. Pass the chain through the bug screen and slide the chain into sash bracket. Slide sash pin through sash bracket and chain, to hold chain in place.
      5. Mount either Hook adapter or Handle adapter onto the operator and tighten.
      6. Raise and lower skylight fully, making sure there is no interference with bug screen. Make sure skylight seals completely when closed.