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Residential Skylights

Residential Skylights

With an aesthetically pleasing design, our skylights will match any roofline and brighten any home that needs more warmth and light.

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Commercial Skylights

Commercial Skylights

Our commercial skylights provide an abundance of evenly distributed natural light throughout a large building's interior.

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We were obtaining bids for roof replacement and immediately noticed that all of the companies recommended Tam Skylights. We are so glad that we reached out to them, and cannot say enough good things about our experience! We worked directly with Jason. He skillfully helped us to discover what we wanted and needed for our home. He also worked very closely with our roofing company to ensure the installation was perfect. We love our Skylights and the service we received. Our family room is so much more comfortable with the frosted glass to block the heat but not the light and a manually opening skylight to improve ventilation. I highly recommend Tam Skylights to anyone looking to update or add Skylights to their home or business!

Brian and Maggie, South Seattle

We have replaced many failed units from other manufacturers over the years with Tam Skylights. I always tell my customers with confidence that properly installed Tam Skylights do not leak.

John Bergin, President of Bergin Roofing Inc.

I had a very large 6 X 12 deck skylight made by Tam in West Seattle. There are 5 wood structural house beams under the 5 panel skylight that needed to be perfectly in-line with the skylight panel framing in order to have a nice visual look from the deck looking up. Jason (super good guy) came out 3-4 times to talk, bid, measure and double measure to make sure it was perfect. It was perfect in the beams alignment to the 5 panel framing. Excellent quality, service and pricing. We couldn't have been more pleased from start to finish!

Scott, South Seattle

It has been a privilege for us to partner with TAM Skylights. We have worked side by side on numerous projects large and small creating lasting memories for our clients. TAM Skylights will go above and beyond for you and your company. I am happy to recommend TAM skylights for all you day lighting needs.

Joe, Kent

Have you ever had a TAM skylight fail? I’ve been roofing right here in Seattle since 1989. I’ve been roofing right here in Seattle since 1989 and used both Crystalite and TAM (mostly the latter in the last 2 decades) literally hundreds of times per brand. Never once has a TAM skylight failed that I’ve ever seen, whether on one of my installations or others. I find it remarkable that these 2 brands, for all intents and purposes (that I can see) are identical, yet I have confidence in only one of them. TAM is the best, most dependable skylight available in the Northwest. I rely on and recommend TAM Skylights

Blake, Lynnwood

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