Fixed Glass

Fixed Glass skylight

Custom sizes and shapes available to meet your specific needs.

One of our most popular models! The Fixed Glass Skylight has proven itself to be a durable and reliable unit for any new or existing house. With its aesthetically-pleasing design, it will match any roof line and brighten any home that needs more warmth & light.

Features & Specs

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Anodized Aluminum Outer Frame; Exclusive Ball & Socket Continuous Hinge System

  • TIG welded corners ensure strength and prevention of water leakage
  • Available in a beautiful bronze or a clear anodized finish
  • Maintenance-free
  • Anodized aluminum finish to prevent corrosion and provides durability and stability of color: no fading, peeling or cracking

PVC Vinyl Frames

  • Fusion welded corners ensure strength and prevention of water leakage
  • Energy-efficient
  • No condensation or sweating
  • Attractive white interior finish
  • Ultraviolet stabilized; made to last
  • Maintenance-free and scratch-free, no need to repaint 

Don’t rely on homemade flashing that might leak and look unfinished. Instead, install our pre-fabricated Flashing Kits. There is no bending or cutting involved and all our Flashing Kits are designed for an easy leak-proof installation. Made of dark brown steel, our Flashing Kits will give your skylight project a crisp, professional finish every time that will last for years.

  • 25ga Dark Brown painted Steel
  • Pre-fabricated top and bottom Aprons
  • Step Flashings for the sides
  • Each Step Flashing interwoven with a layer of roofing to prevent water infiltration
  • Designed for Shingle, Shake or Composition roofing material
  • Minimum 3:12 pitch
  • Contact us for custom-sized flashing kits 

Flashing Kit Sizing  Flashing Kit Details

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