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Dome vs. Glass

March 13, 2018 | General Info, Tech Help

So you’re looking to get a skylight, but you don’t know what the difference between a dome and a flat skylight is. In this post, we’ll explain the differences and the benefits of each type.

Dome Skylight:  

The acrylic dome ”bubble” shape is lightweight and is extremely effective on low slope to flat roofs. The dome shape of the skylight prevents sitting water on the surface of the skylight. For larger openings, glass skylights require the glass to be thicker and specially laminated, however, dome units stay cost effective and relatively lightweight.

3 Clear Domes
These domes rest adjacent on a flat roof.


With a slimmer side profile, flat glass units are much more commonly used for pitched residential roofs. Because the glass can collect water on a flat surface, we recommend installing the skylight on a pitch of 2:12 or higher. We offer both tempered safety glass and laminated glass. All of our glass units are dual pane, include a layer of low-e, and contain argon gas in between the panes, all which work together to keep your house well-insulated. 

3 Flat Glass Skylights

These adjacent glass units are installed on pitched curbs on a flat roof, overlooking Lake Washington.

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